Where are you located and do you offer virtual consultations?

I am located in Hermanus, Western Cape but I will travel in and around South Africa and I do offer virtual consultations, yes.

Do I have to start with a particular service first?

Ideally you would start with a Full Image consultation, because from there we can then add services on that you require eg. a personal shopping experience or wardrobe revamping.
However a full Colour Analysis can be done on its own.

Do I need to be a certain size or skin tone to work with you?

Everyone is welcome! I would do the same analysis/ consultation for every skin tone, age, body shape and culture.

Do you help your clients improve just the outer image, or are there other image-related services you offer?

I offer an holistic approach to your Image and Style.
In the consultation, we will address "flaws" and I will coach you to overcome them; we address heart matters which allows a journey of healing and transformation.
Once you are working on these, we will address your Style, colour and how to dress in order to present your wonderful new-found confidence and flare to the world!

Do I need a large budget to work with you?

No, although we are in a competitive market, I have tailor-made each service to offer the absolute best value for money. I aim to reach every budget but if you are really keen to have your Style Consultation done, I am more than willing to speak to you to arrange a payment plan.

Do you work with men and children?

Yes I do. Men can also make use of an Image Consultant or Personal Stylist.
I offer a "Finishing School course" where we teach proper etiquette ie. how to eat, sit, talk and walk like a lady. As well as colour and styling for teenage girls. A very popular service.

I also offer inspirational talks to high schools, who would like to offer this service to their Grade 10 - 12 young ladies, before they graduate school to go off to college or work.