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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

God’s Holy Word says to us “Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God.” –Ephesians 4:1


What a declaration! What an instruction!

This is the ultimate goal of our human lives - to be called of God for a purpose, to fulfil a dream, a goal, a desire that God placed in your heart long before the foundation of the world.

In our teenage years we all start thinking about why we are here. Why we’re alive?

What our purpose on earth is?

We look for the answers in our friends, in our peers, in our family and in the last decade - teengers took it to social media and the internet. Most probably not the most reliable places to look for those answers, but if everyone’s doing it - we tend to follow suit. If we were blessed enough to have being brought up in a loving Christian home, our questions about life and our callings, would more than likely lead us straight to God’s Faithful Word found in the Bible.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a Christian home.

Although we, as a family didn’t get it “right” majority of the time we did believe in each other. We had parents that said we could be anything we want to be. Our finances didn’t confirm that - but I still believed.

My mom was a dressmaker and seamstress, that’s where my love for fashion and clothes started. I wanted to be Fashion Designer. So I researched and read everything I could find on the subject, the fashion industry and brands and designers, I even started planning my designs - that’s when I realised I wasn’t good at drawing. I almost felt as my dreams were crushed. That I missed it. Maybe I was over-achieving, maybe I wasn’t going to be good enough so this was “God’s way of preventing me from being shamed.”

Oh boy, was I mistaken! Nothing could have been further from the truth.

That was when my life started spiralling downward. I listened and believed the lies of the enemy. I fearfully started confessing his lies over myself. “You are not worthy.” “You are foolish.” You will never be enough.” “You are not called and chosen.” The fear crippled me. My dream had been tossed away in a matter of years. In high school I did my best but because of our tough financial situation, I decided that I couldn’t study after school so I would just have to go find a job and work. I didn’t have a dream anymore. I did nothing to get out of my comfort zone. I stayed a prisoner in my own mind. I believed I was the victim in the story. My joy was lost.

What a dangerous place to be in!

To allow the lies and deceit of the enemy to push you over the edge, hold you hostage and steal your thoughts. For fear to cripple your overcoming.

Then, one day in my early thirties, I woke up to the voice of God.

“Remember those dreams I gave you…”

“Yes Lord,” I answered in my thoughts.

“I have taken you on a journey - where the enemy tried to steal from you, I am restoring the years. I am giving you new joy.”

That was the day my life changed.

I started a new walk with the Lord. I buried the old man. I was made a new creation.

He heard my cries, my prayers and my heart and He faithfully answered.

I heard His voice!

In the months following this encounter with the Lord, as I drew nearer to Him, healing, growth and transformation took place in my life.

He continued working in me, on my identity. The years of extreme self-condemnation and self-esteem issues broke off me as I stayed and focused on being in His presence. He was teaching me to trust Him. Trust His word over me and about me. I read my Bible every moment of everyday discovering new and precious mysteries about how good, kind, loving, faithful, trustworthy and supreme our Father God is. I couldn’t get enough of Him! When I discovered the good and precious thoughts He has about me - I was completely overwhelmed by His perfect love.

My dreams and calling was re-ignited. He sparked my dead dreams. Revival and passion drove my actions as I confessed LIFE.

He spoke Life into these dry bones!

Creativity started flowing.

I knew what I wanted to do with my life, and for the first time, it just all made sense.

I did not go through the valley of the shadow of death to come out without purpose.

I went through, came out with the Lord at my side, crowned beside Him in victory and honour.

My calling is to minister to other woman (and men) that have been stuck in the same, and similar circumstances of self-hatred, fear, depression and identity issues. Where they just need to hear the truth and be set free from the lies of the enemy. To take God's Word over their thoughts. To surrender to God's perfect will for their lives. This is the purpose that Father laid in my heart before the foundation of the world. I’m not saying that He put me through all the hardships and trials but He turned it around for His glory! That’s what a good and Sovereign Father He is!

Throughout this personal journey I have learnt principles and patterns - timeless truths, starting from the Exodus story of Egypt into the promised land.

1. Become aware of a personal dream/ calling and decide to pursue it.

It may seem easy enough, but you have to spend time in a place of “Selah.” You have to think back to when you were a child, what you loved, what you felt in your heart you were going to become. “One day when I’m big, I want to be a…” Go for it with every fiber of your being!

2. Face the fear, and leave that place of comfort.

Nothing good will grow from a comfort zone. Someday, sooner or later you are going to have to face that fear. Nothing and nobody can do it for you. It’s going to be your victory!

The Lord promised to be with us through this, so lean on Him and confess “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” A powerful confession!

In Hebrews 13:5 He promises; I will never, never, no never leave you nor forsake you.

3. Encounter opposition from those around you.

Everyone in your circle may not genuinely desire the best for you, nor for you to even succeed. Don’t be discouraged by anyone who tries to steer you off your path of fulfilling your dream. Be strong, Be bold and take courage.

4. Endure a season of difficulty.

Anyone who’s excelled in life will tell you that there were many season of tough climbing and dry rivers. It’s not all peaches and cream on the way to victory, otherwise everyone will make it. But if you push on - you will overcome! Your dream is just over the horizon, it is within reach! Come on, you can do this!!

5. Learning the importance of surrender and consecration to God.

Yes, ok I know what you are thinking, there any many people that made it without God. I can honestly say from where I’m sitting, from everything I've seen and learnt, that the only way is to surrender to God’s will and plan for your life. “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” It should be our plea.

6. Fight the giants that stand between you and your God-given dream.

Unfortunately the giant may come in the form of your dad or uncle or best friend or in lack of finances. Stand your ground. Research and do everything in your power to make that dream a reality. Draw up a vision board where you see and confess your dream over your life, everyday. See it - to believe it and you will have it.

Go for it! You are almost there!

7. Reach your full potential as you reach your dream and bring honour to God.

What an exceptionally rewarding place to be in. You are honouring your Creator as you cross the Jordan river into the promised land. Everything He purposed you for, is your reality. With His presence and guidance and wisdom, you stepped into what God has placed on your life - to bring honour to Him, to bring fullness of joy to you and blessing and breakthrough to those around you.

You are an overcomer!

Now is your time! This is your season!

Take that dream off the shelf.

God has predestined you for so much more than what your eyes can now see. There are people's blessings and breakthroughs at the other end of our obedience.

If not now, then when…?

“I will praise You Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalms 139:14

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